Nahed Alateeqi

Nahed Alateeqi

Senior Attending Physician in Developmental Pediatrics at Sidra Medicine
Doha, Qatar

Dr. Nahed Alateeqi is a Senior Attending Physician in Developmental Pediatrics at Sidra Medicine and an assistant professor of clinical Pediatrics at Weill Cornell Medical College – Qatar. She is a fellow of the Royal College of Physician of Canada. Her expertise is in child development and developmental delays and disorders. She is passionate about health promotion and education on supporting children’s developmental well-being and empowering families/ caregivers of children with developing delays and disorders. Dr. Alateeqi is the author of an Arabic book emphasizing the importance of responsive parenting in neurodevelopment and promoting interaction between the child and his/her caregiver.



Short Description of the Workshop:

1. Supporting Teachers Support Their Student With ASD

Schools can be very challenging for students with autism spectrum disorder. Their difficulties with social communication/interaction, sensory processing and language differences can make it very difficult for them to fully engage in a traditional classroom. Classrooms are sometimes not structured in a way that helps students with ASD learn and thrive. Teachers are not always familiar with the needs of their student’s with ASD, making it difficult for them to make adaptions in the environment and teaching strategies to meet the student’s needs.

The workshop will help teachers understand how individuals with ASD see the world around them, communicate and learn from their experiences in order to make their time at school professional less stress for all- students, parents and teachers. We will discuss strategies that have been proven to help students with ASD engage more successfully, communicate effectively and navigate the school environment to learn to their best potential.