Nadia Sultan

Nadia Sultan

Educational Psychologist

Ms. Nadia Sultan is an Educational Psychologist who trained, qualified and practiced in the UK for over a decade. She moved back to Oman in 2013 and set up Inspire Educational Consultancy in Muscat as a way of offering a similar Educational Psychology service here. She works closely with schools and parents to support children’s learning and development. Ms. Nadia links with primary and secondary schools, early years establishments as well as family consultations for pre-school aged children.



Short Description of the Lecture:

1. Supporting Learners With Autism Spectrum Conditions And Associated Difficulties In Schools

The session will be aimed at raising awareness and challenging some of the misconceptions about learners with a diagnosis of Autism Spectrum Conditions and associated difficulties. All learners are individuals first and as educators, we need to understand the child and their individual learning needs as well as the impact of the medical diagnosis on that child or young person. Not all with ASC present in the same way in classrooms and therefore their education should ideally reflect the spectrum rather than a ‘’one-size-fits-all’’ approach. It should also take into consideration their social and emotional needs.

Learners who are neurodiverse often face a range of barriers to their learning. Understanding how Autism can impact learners helps us become more creative as educators. Using evidence-based approaches from research carried out world-wide could help us enable children and young people with ASC maximise their potential and become happier, more engaged and more productive members of their communities.