Maya Helou

Maya Helou

Psychologist at ASD Team, Al Jalila Children’s Specialty Hospital
Dubai, UAE

Ms. Maya is a psychologist and certified ADOS diagnostician, she holds a master’s in clinical psychology at Saint Joseph University, Lebanon in 2005. In 2009, she joined Dubai Autism center where she worked as Family Counselor and was part of the diagnostic team for Autism Spectrum Disorders.

In 2017, she joined Al Jalila Children’s as psychologist in the ASD team. She is a member of the diagnostic team. She also provides parenting sessions to caregivers and provide them with effective parenting strategies.

In 2018, she underwent a training for Parent child interactive therapy (PCIT) which aim to help parents manage and reduce children behavior and fortify their relationships with them.



Short Description of the Workshop:

1. Blue Cafe : Autism Parenting Workshop Part (5) Taking Care of Yourself and Your Family
In this part, we will discuss the impact of having a child with autism on the entire family and the different changes it may implies on both individual and family level. We will also discuss the impact of having a brother or a sister with Autism. We will address the challenges siblings might experience and we will suggest some useful recommendations to promote positive and healthy sibling interactions. At the end of our talk, we will suggest some strategies on how to explain autism to family and friends.