Mahmoud Al Sheyab

Mahmoud Al Sheyab

VP/Director of Training and Accreditation at the American Institute of Autism Sciences
President Of JOR-ABA BCBA
Amman, Jordan

Mr. Mahmoud Al Sheyab is a VP/Director of Training and Accreditation at American Institute of Autism Sciences and the President Of JOR-ABA BCBA. He is an experienced Supervisor with a demonstrated history of working in the mental health care industry. He is skilled in Research Design, Psychological Assessment, Applied Behavior Analysis, Interventions, and Behavioral Science. Strong healthcare services professional with a master’s degree focused in Applied Behavior Analysis from Jordan University of Science & Technology.



Short Description of the Lecture:

1. Verbal Behavior Approach to Language
Verbal Behavior, also known as VB, is the functional analysis of language, and a method of teaching language that focuses on the idea that a meaning of words is found in their functions. The term was coined by B.F. Skinner. To teach a child with language delays a meaning of a word, one must first teach its different functions in different yet appropriate methodologies.

VB is an important tool for analyzing and supporting language development for children with ASD for whom language acquisition is almost globally delayed. It is most important that parents, teachers, SLP, psychologists, behavior therapists and other potential instructors become familiar with the fundamental principles of VB, This workshop will cover the basic elements of the applied behavior analysis and verbal behavior approach to language assessment and intervention for children with autism or other types of developmental disabilities and will outline specific techniques to improve language skills for learners diagnosed with autism or related disorders.