Eqab Qasem Al-Badarneh

Eqab Qasem Al-Badarneh

Senior Occupational Therapist
Sensory Integration Certified Therapist
Ras Al Khaimah, UAE

Mr. Eqab is an Author and an inspirational speaker he will share his insights and experiences in evaluation, coordination, treatment of occupational therapy and assistive technology. He is experienced in the development and creating activities for sensory integration difficulties and also experienced in the development and management of care plans and performance of ADL activities.

He has a sensory integration certified program from university of southern California USA (2015) – USC/SI, a certified trainer for Autism and ABA from international college of London ICL and also a certified provider for the listening program TLP.

Mr. Eqab is a Developer and software programmer and has experience in administration of assistive technology devices for people with disabilities. He won (the outstanding occupational therapist) Princess Haya award for special need 2019.



Short Description of the Workshop:

1. Roles of Assistive Technology in Disabilities
In this session we will take about assistive technology and how it can help Autism child, I will mention what we need to do before start to use assistive technology with autism child, and which type we can use depend on each child. Also I will mention how assistive technology help us to merge autism child in school and in society and different environment like mall, shop, garden, etc. I will take about assessment and evaluation before using assistive technology. Mention some successful stories.