Prof. Andy Shih

Dr. Andy Shih

Senior Vice President, Public Health and Inclusion at Autism Speaks
New York, USA

Dr. Shih is the Senior Vice President, Public Health and Inclusion, Autism Speaks, USA. He joined Autism Speaks in 2006, after its merger with the National Alliance for Autism Research, where he served as chief science officer.

Dr. Shih holds a Ph.D. in molecular cell biology from New York University School of Medicine, and his research background includes published studies in gene identification and characterization, virus-cell interaction, and cell-cycle regulation. He was instrumental in the cloning of a family of small GTPases involved in cell-cycle control and nuclear transport, and he holds three patents on nucleic acids-based diagnostics and therapeutics.

Dr. Shih led the development of several large international research consortia that delivered high impact scientific outcomes for the community. They include research on autism risk genes by the Autism Genome Project; a revised recurrence rate of 19 percent for siblings of affected children by the Baby Siblings Research Consortium; novel parent-mediated interventions by the Toddler Treatment Network; parental age as a risk factor by iCARE; and the first prevalence estimates in South Korea and other countries.

After the 2008 passage of the World Autism Awareness Day resolution at the United Nations, Dr. Shih led the development of the Global Autism Public Health (GAPH) initiative that provides technical support to country governments to enhance autism awareness, advocacy, research and services worldwide. In addition to facilitating the passage of additional autism and developmental disabilities resolutions at the United Nations and the World Health Assembly, GAPH-related research contributed to the development and dissemination of innovative capacity-building approaches to enhance autism and developmental disabilities services in low-resource communities.
As senior vice president of public health and inclusion, Dr. Shih and his team currently support ministries, government agencies and leading nongovernmental organizations in more than 70 countries to deliver better outcomes and quality of life for tens of millions of individuals and families.



Short Description of the Lecture:

1. Regional & International Networking in Autism

Autism Speaks and the global autism community’s participation in the WHO Nurturing Care Framework will be discussed, with emphasis on the development and implementation of the Caregiver Skills Training program, a versatile family-centered intervention, in collaboration with the WHO.

2. Reflection Session: Panel Discussion