Amira Al Raidan

Senior Medical Officer-Addiction Unit
Al Massarah Mental Hospital
Head of Mental Health Section, Department of Non-Communicable Diseases
Ministry of Health

Dr. Amira is a senior medical officer in the addiction unit at Al Massarah Mental Hospital, she is also the Head of Mental Health section at the Department of Non-Communicable Diseases in the Ministry of Health. She was the ex-Director of Education and Health Awareness Programs at the Ministry of Health – MOH and also the former President of Al-Hayat association-(NGO), raising awareness about the dangers of drugs and other psychotropic substances, in period (2011-2013). She is a Volunteer member of several Non-Profit Organizations, board member at Oman Autism Association, also at the Oman Women Association – Muscat, she is the head of the Health Committee of Oman Special Olympics, a member at * Not Alone* team for raising community mental health awareness also a member at the Scientific Committee for Leadership-Ministry of Health-MOH and a member at the Consumer Protection Association.



Short Description of the Lecture:

1. Mental Health Services in Oman

Since the mental well-being makes up an integral part of an individual’s capacity to lead a fulfilling life, including the ability to socialize and form relationships with others, study, and work or pursue leisure interests, as well as to make day-to-day decisions and choices and face challenges and work out solutions, it is important to sustain once balanced mental status.

The disturbances to an individual’s mental well-being, which can come about as a result of complex interaction between multifactorial reasons that could be a biological, a social and psychological factors, which its impact not only to diminished functioning for affected persons but also broader losses at the household and societal level.

Our vision is to make Oman the leading country in the region in provision of quality mental health care services.

Mental health services are free for Omani nationals and have been integrated into the primary health care- PHC services since 2010, using “Manual for the Management of Mental Illness in Primary Health Care”.

The Ministry of Health is moving to establish countrywide psychiatric units and outpatient facilities that are community based, in the surrounding area of each health care center, to provide access to services to all patients who require them.

In conclusion, we need to appraise: “There is no Health without Mental Health”.