Ahmed Al Ansari

Ahmed Al Ansari

Pediatric Psychiatrist at the Ministry of Health
Manama, Bahrain

Dr. Ahmed Al Ansari graduated from the Faculty of Medicine in Baghdad, Iraq in July 1974, he also received a fellowship from the Royal College of Physicians in Canada in the year 1980 and has a diploma of General Psychiatry and Children from McGill University, Montreal, Canada in the year of 1980.

He is currently working as a pediatric psychologist at the Ministry of Health in the Kingdom of Bahrain where he has chaired the Psychiatric Hospital, the Psychiatric Unit. He was the Deputy Head of Physicians at the Salmaniya Medical Complex, a member of the faculty of the Arab Gulf University, the Psychiatrist Professor and the Head of the Student Guidance Unit at the Faculty of Medicine. He currently chairs the Board of Directors of the Association for Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity and the Vice President of the Bahrain Society for Mental Disability and Autism.

He has also chaired the Advisory Committee on Pediatric and Neonatal Medicine, the Arab Council for Health Specialties, which has more than 40 articles published in refereed journals and several Arabic books. He presented several workshops in the field of behavioral and life skills modification for teachers and doctors.



Short Description of the Lecture:

1. Autism Experiences in Bahrain

The first services for children with Autism spectrum disorder was established in 1997 for 10 autistic children. The services has developed both in capacity and quality of work since then. There are now more than 15 centers in the kingdom that provide academic and rehabilitation services to more than 500 children. The scope types and challenges will be reviewed. At the same time – several important researches were published that address many aspect of children with ASD life. The researchers are all community based health researches that try to enrich our understanding of risk factors, social, general functioning outcome, impact on mother health and the role of screen based media use and its effect on sleep disturbance among both the child and mother. Last, future research ideas are discussed.