Ahlam Gabr

Ahlam Gabr

Development Pediatric Clinic
Child Health Dept
Sultan Qaboos University Hospital
Muscat, Oman

Dr. Ahlam has a Doctor of Educational Psychology/Ph.D from Cairo University. A specialist of Psychological Examination, Development Medicine Clinic from Sultan Qaboos University Hospital.
A professor seconded to Teaching in the Faculty of Education at Sultan Qaboos University Hospital and is a current Graduate Student at Florida University (for the fulfillment of BCBA Requirements).


Short Description of the Workshop:

1. Capturing Opportunities of Teaching Children With ASD Child In A Natural Environment

The speaker will address how children with ASD learn in the natural environment, how parents can configure the household environment to stimulate their children and increase effective learning opportunities and how they can teach their children appropriate skills. To this end, simple steps should be appropriately sequenced and followed to stimulate many skills of the child and contribute to eliminating some issues/problems associated with ASD. The lecture will present the difference between Natural Environment Teaching (NET) and Discrete Trial Teaching (DTT), with a view to the importance of each of them and how one can be applied or prioritized over the other. Generalization and parents’ role in the child’s therapeutic, learning and training plan are highlighted.