Conference Objectives

Overall Objectives

The objective of the conference is to improve technical skills, boost international awareness and enhance collaborations and exchange of ideas. Over the duration of the conference, the suggested themes will be tackled by the proposed international, regional and local experts in the following ways:

  • State-of-the-art Lectures: Each international expert is a leader in the field that he/she will speak about
  • Presentations: On research output from local, regional and international scholars. It will enhance collaboration, exchanging knowledge and enriching experts’ input
  • Workshops: To target educational staff, social developmental staff and primary care staff. These workshops will be delivered by experts in specific fields
  • Panel Discussions: Open to all participants, to be delivered and chaired by international, regional and local experts that will educate and eliminate all misconceptions about individuals, especially children with autism

Specific Objectives

  • To establish a common understanding of autism between Ministries in Oman and regional neighbours on current approaches for measuring and diagnosing children with an ASD
  • To identify needs and gaps in the literature and practice of caring for autistic children
  • To identify best ways to advocate for better care of children with autism
  • To provide basic training methods to participants who are seeking to better understand caring for children and other individuals with autism
  • To review legislation in Oman and neighbouring countries on the protection of children with autism and other disabilities