About GAC2020

In view of the current situation in Oman and neighboring countries, this Gulf conference looks to bring light to children with autism and related health disorders in Oman. Acting as a platform for integration between different regional and local stakeholders, this integrative multidisciplinary conference looks to target parents, educators and health care professionals.

The concept has received support from the Ministries of Social Development (MOSD), Education (MOE), and Health (MOH) and UNICEF Oman.

Keynote experts along with regional and local speakers are gathered in a highly scientific forum to update professionals and community members with the most recent evidence-based knowledge about autism and related health disorders.

Moreover, with the help of international experts in the same field, we are aiming to develop a co-operative and integrated approach for planning, commissioning and managing autism services within governmental organizations that accommodate both private and non-governmental sectors.

Experts’ acceptance to the invitations is a strong recognition of the contribution of our Developmental Team in the field of Autism and the potential future research output from our cohort of patients especially in genetics research related to Autism.